The seeds we plant today will make an impact for future generations to come. The Legacy Project is a two-year fundraising campaign beginning April 2019 and running through April 2021. The goal of this campaign is to raise a down payment in order to purchase a permanent facility for our church to host worship services, seminars, Trainings, children’s programs, and much more. We realize the church is not about a building; it has always been about people! But think about how many more lives can be impacted if we have a place to call home.
We have been so fortunate for Everglades H.S to open their doors to us, but we also realize at any time they could change their minds and we would be put out on the streets. This is why we need to be diligent in planning for our future. In building up an inheritance to leave to our children’s, children, and working hard to pass down a legacy for generations to come.
When God reveals the perfect space we want to be able to purchase it. But in order to do that, we need to have a separate savings account with funds in it for a down payment. It would be foolishness and bad planning on our part for God to reveal the perfect spot and for us not to have any money to put down on it. Would you consider partnering with us today by making a choice to give into this project over the next two years? We are asking for you not to take away from your current contributions of tithes right now, but to give something above and beyond into the legacy project savings account. Whether it is $5 or $500 a month for the next two years, it all adds up in the end. Make the decision to invest a seed today and watch it grow and impact lives tomorrow.
The legacy project is a two-year campaign beginning in April 2019 and running through April 2021. This money is being raised as a down payment for a permanent facility for The Source Church.
Your contributions to the Campaign should be over and above your normal giving. We ask for you not to take from your regular offerings, as this would hurt the ministries of the church. Please pray and ask God what size of a seed he is calling you to plant into this project.
This is a perfect time to do a campaign. We need to be ready when God opens the door to a new opportunity. It would be bad stewardship for us not to be prepared. The bible teaches that we plant a seed now in order to create a harvest for the future.
A down payment is approximately ten percent of the sales price. The price of a facility will ranger depending on size and location. There are 3 goals in this campaign. The victory goal is $125K, the challenge goal is 160K, and the miracle goal is 200K.
All donations will go into a separate bank account marked for a down payment for a permanent facility.
All contributions are tax deductible. A receipt will be mailed to you automatically at the end of the year and is also available electronically upon request.