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A Stagnant Prayer Life

A Stagnant Prayer Life

Last night, I watched a video that really spoke to me ( In the video, Pastor Francis Chan, a former pastor of a megachurch, asked the question, “What is one practical thing I can do to improve my prayer life?”  It is always important to ask ourselves this question because we want to make sure […]

Our New Normal

“When things happen in life and we’ve tried everything else, all we have left is to pray.”  This is the mindset that many people have when it comes to prayer. However, we need to change that mindset to:  “Let’s pray everyday because things will happen in life and anything we try needs to be guided […]

Our New Normal

Preparing for His Return

Living in hurricane-prone areas exposes many of us to the potential of hurricanes. When we hear that a hurricane is going to approach, specially during an active hurricane season, people start preparing and getting their supplies ready. Many people don’t like preparing for these types of situations, but we are grateful knowing we get a […]

Preparing for His Return

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